Athletic Recovery Massage

Athletic Recovery Massage is a blend of traditional sports massage with a foundation in Structural Integration. Most sessions include Lymphatic Drainage, Trigger Point, and Myofascial Release. Currently operating in a private studio inside of Ute Crossfit in Sugarhouse.

Massage Therapy Menu

Customized protocol for each session based on client’s goals. Full body sessions or targeted tune-ups are available at each time interval. Available by appointment in a private studio inside Ute CrossFit Holladay. Outcall appointments are also available.

30 Minute  -  $35   recommended for 1 single area minor focus.

60 Minute  -  $65   recommended for 1 single area of major focus, or light full body massage.

75 Minute  -  $75   recommended for 1 single area of major focus, and/or full body massage.

90 Minute  -   $95   recommended for 2+ areas of major focus, and/or full body attention.

120 Minute  -  $125  recommended for 2+ areas of major focus, and/or deep tissue full body massage. 

*Outcall Available, add. $25

**Onsite Chair Massage Available

New service

Assisted Stretch Session - this is a 30 minute session that can be used to mobilize one or two specific areas. This session can also be used as a basic full body stretch session. Cost to Ute Crossfit members: $25


Massage Therapy Modalities

Athletic Recovery Massage offers a blend of modalities, specifically tailored to meet the needs of the Crossfit enthusiast. By combining the benefits of Deep Tissue, Myofascial/Neurofascial Release, and Structural Integration, my bodywork sessions offer a comprehensive approach to recovery. Some of the benefits that are typically experienced during/after a session are:

*Decreased muscle tension

*Increased flexibility/Range of Motion

*Proper alignment

*Increased circulation (promoting tissue repair and lymphatic drainage)

*Decreased muscle soreness

Bodywork is recommended as a part of routine recovery/maintenance on any serious athlete. It is also a great tool for injury recovery/maintenance.


Sports Recovery

Decrease the time between work-outs by increasing the rate of muscle repair and lymphatic drainage. Reduce muscle soreness, increase range of motion, and feel better after a tough workout.

Address specific injuries, joint mobilization and scar tissue as needed. Get more out of your training by incorporating regular bodywork into your active recovery.


Alignment Therapy

Following the Dr. Ida Rolf recipe, this modality incorporates myofascial unwinding and traditional structural integration techniques. Recover from chronic injuries, pathological posture, and structural disfunction with targeted bodywork sessions. 

Full 12 session series available. Viewing clothes required. Additional details available upon request.


Deep Tissue

Most of my clients are looking for a thorough, heavy pressure massage. For the typical active body, there is a pressure threshold required to encourage longer-lasting relaxation in the muscle tissue. Furthermore, this approach can impact the deepest tissue layers, providing a more complete and comprehensive session. As always, I encourage my clients to provide adequate feedback during these sessions to ensure that we keep the pressure well within their "Comfortable Zone".